Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Account

Here's what Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Account offers you:

  • A choice of opening an account in the following major currencies:
    • Australian Dollar
    • Brunei Dollar
    • Canadian Dollar
    • Euro
    • Hong Kong Dollar
    • Japanese Yen
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Pound Sterling
    • Singapore Dollar
    • Swiss Franc
    • U.S. Dollar
  • Deposit in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) is not permitted.
  • The account opening requirement and operations for Malaysian residents are subject to the guidelines under the Foreign Exchange Administration Rules and Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • Flexible placement period, generally ranging from one month to 12 months.
  • Interest will be paid in the same currency as the one in your account upon maturity.
  • Interest is calculated either on a 360 or 365 days/year basis, depending on the currency of the deposit.
  • For premature withdrawal, breakfunding cost will apply subject to a minimum charge of USD20 or the equivalent in the respective currency.